Poor teamwork


After sharing a nest, Biggles and Puff successfully hatched seven ducklings  earlier in the week. (Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but we’ve had relatives staying) As I was clearing the nest-box of discarded shells and old straw, I came across a partly hatched egg with signs of life. The nest was abandoned in favour of the seven and I just couldn’t bear not to give the semi-hatched wee fella a chance to live. So, out came a shoe box, infra-red lamp and a warm, damp J-cloth to aid in the process…Almost here


After taking time to dry off and recover from its ordeal, I took the latest arrival to mums! Biggles was in charge of the seven at the time and when I held the eighth youngster near Puff, she raised herself and let it settle beneath her. Great, I thought, a wee life saved! Don’t you believe it. In the past, both Muscovy females have been great at shared parenting but this time around, there’s little evidence so far of any kind of teamwork. Some ‘arguments’ seem to be occurring and four of the eight ducklings have died. And to cap it all today, after being a seriously indoor kind of family for the past five days, today the kids were forced to endure a veritable biathlon! First event being a major hike in the back field through long grass and mud…



…followed by a swim!


At least the foursome have survived their harsh introduction to the great outdoors so hopefully are robust enough to survive home life tonight!


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2 Responses to “Poor teamwork”


    Do you know whether the rescued one survived? I suppose it’s difficult to tell. At least you gave him/her a chance, poor wee thing!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I have no idea Diane, they’re all identical; some slightly smaller than others (female?). Anyway, the good news is that the remaining four are still with us this morning!

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