“Weather for ducks? I don’t think so!”

That was certainly Huff’s opinion yesterday after some torrential downpours.  He always looks thoroughly miserable in the rain and yet for some reason chooses to stand out in the open rather than finding shelter under a bush! Looking for sympathy I guess.


All the other ducks are quite happy; the Aylesburys love to get out into the field and forage for worms I suspect, the Muscovy ducklings are young and carefree and Puff and Biggles are warm and dry on their shared nest.

puff and Biggles

Some regular visitors to the back door mat are Brenda and her chicks, either looking for shelter or a quick snack of grain. They very often just sit on the step and have a preen and maybe forty winks. The chicks are seven weeks old now and Brenda usually abandons her offspring around about 5 weeks. Perhaps she particularly likes their company of this threesome, or maybe she’d rather share the polytunnel coop with them rather than go back up her tree! Unfortunately, when they do visit, they have no regard for other residents who are trying to get to their lunch!!!

Let me in!

Here’s something that made me smile the other day. This is a shot of the recently refurbished bird dwelling in the old church. You can see some of our mixed bunch of chicks on the left and the wee ducklings (only 3 now) under the lamp on the right…


Now look more closely in the nesting box on the ‘mezzanine’ level – it’s certainly no Silkie!

no silkie

This is Hamie’s latest favourite spot and she actually spent the night in there earlier in the week. We knew nothing about it until Kevin went to open the church door the following morning! Of course it’s the perfect place for a girl; no other cats to bother her, nice and cosy and a window to watch the world through. We are however checking that she doesn’t get to stay in there overnight again, just in case she fancies a midnight snack!

One good thing about the showery weather is that once I’ve taken advantage of the sunny spells to get any outdoor tasks completed (which doesn’t mean that I always manage to stay dry I have to say – soaked right through to my underwear yesterday whilst cleaning ducks out!), then I can sometimes manage a couple of hours in the conservatory, painting. Recently I completed a portrait of two cats, Melody and Harmony, for a guest from Australia who stayed with us earlier in the season. I used colour pencils and it was probably my biggest challenge so far as they are seriously multi-coloured moggies!

Melody and Hamony

Now I am revisiting a canine subject who some of you might recognise – not yet perhaps! His original portrait got lost somewhere between the Old World and the New so I just HAVE to capture his wise old face once more!

Big Dog


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4 Responses to ““Weather for ducks? I don’t think so!””

  1. Teri S Says:

    You know… I have friends a lot like Huff…

    Love your art piece! You’re able to put a feeling to your work that pulls one in. The piece I brought home (abandoned croft with a tree with pink flowers growing in it) always is noticed be new guests.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thank you Teri, as I said, it was a challenge. With the pet portraits, I feel that it’s the eyes which draw us in. I remember the painting you have but it’s grander than you think! It isn’t an abandoned croft but the ruins of the church where all the chiefs of clan MacLeod are buried!
      As for your friends, well….


  2. Elaine Says:

    You can tell who the subject is…….the eyes are unmistakable . I had quite given up hoping a birthday present would arrive to a friend in Amsterdam; four months later it arrived open but intact….no idea where it spent the intervening months.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I guess that the eyes are a bit of a give away! Hearing your postal story gives me a ray of hope although what condition he would be in is anyone’s guess. Dog Eared perhaps?!

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