Logs and what? (And a 30 HOUR HOLIDAY!)


We received our third delivery of logs yesterday as fodder for that hulking, skulking Beast. Strangely, the load was accompanied by another kind of fodder – prawns! Ewan, who supplies our logs, is also a prawn fisherman and was kind enough to bring us a wriggling bag of the day’s catch. Delicious!


But even more exciting than a free, squirming bag of prawns, is that at the weekend we had a couple of nights off and took a 30, (yes, 30, not 3) hour holiday! Mother Nature smiled on us too and gave us some lovely, dry and warm weather – perfect for a trip on the bike! We headed off for the Black Isle on the east coast of Scotland, just north of Inverness. It’s not an island at all but a peninsula, so how it got the name I’ve no idea! It’s an agricultural area, predominantly arable but also there are cattle and of course sheep. The landscape is gentle and ‘neat’ compared to the rugged, dramatic west coast and there are some particularly pretty fishing villages too. Flowering baskets and pots were abundant and were obviously carefully maintained.

Beauly Priory

Beauly Priory






We stayed overnight in Avoch, pronounced Och, and the following day headed to Chanonry Point at Fortrose, in the hope of seeing dolphins.  And we did! Apparently, these Bottle Nosed dolphins are the only dolphins to permanently reside in the North Sea and they number about 200. To adapt to the cold environment the have more blubber and consequently are much larger than the regular members of their species, some of them reaching 4 metres in length.

chanonry point

Chanonry Point


Unfortunately, you never know where they’re going to pop up, so catching them on camera is tricky!


dolphin 2

We continued our journey to Cromarty, where we caught the small ferry to Nigg and from there back west and home. Nigg is home to a large storage facility for oil from the Moray Firth. It also has a large dry dock where rigs were made for drilling in the North Sea.




Cromarty harbour


View of Nigg from Cromarty



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6 Responses to “Logs and what? (And a 30 HOUR HOLIDAY!)”


    Wow! You really packed a lot into your 30 hour break! Lovely photos as usual, nice to see pics of the Black Isle – wondered what it was like. Love dolphins – off to Buckie next week, hope to see some there!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes Diane, the Black Isle is lovely – very calm. I think i’d like to return one day to spend more time in Fortrose, it deserved lengthier exploration I think. Hope you get to see your dolphins!!

  2. souldipper Says:

    You have the same decoration in your yard as in mine. Fortunately, I only need one load, but yours is chopped! That’s a blessing.

    Your holiday looks divine. What a treat to be able to have a cycle holiday. You two know how to travel light!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Ah, Ewan’s great as he’ll cut the wood to any length you like! As for travelling light Amy, not so light as you think as our mode of transport was a motorcycle! There is the red beast sitting on the Cromarty Queen.

      • souldipper Says:

        Ah, the Triumph. I used bounce along on a Norton. Love a good ride still. Hope your ferries are like ours – motorcycles go to the front of the line.

  3. garybuie01 Says:

    Most of our ferries yes, bikes get special treatment! This particular ferry however only holds the equivalent of four cars and has a turntable arrangement on deck so loading and unloading is a more ‘interesting’ process! I enjoy the bike too although I wish that Kevin would get one with a lower seat so that at least I could look reasonably graceful getting on and off!!!

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