The birds of Garybuie

robinGarybuie seems to be awash with young birds at the moment, both wild and domesticated. There’s an abundance of Blackbirds, sparrows and my favourite, the Robins, have almost got their full, adult plumage. (Sorry the picture’s a bit blurred!) The swallows are a sight to behold, diving and swooping to catch bugs, then taking a rest on the electricity cables where they chatter and gossip, maybe discussing which route to take to South Africa next month!


On the domestic front, the Muscovy boys are getting to be quite a size and like most teenagers enjoy some fast food when they can get it!


The mixed bunch of chicks are doing well at almost five weeks old. Kevin extended their run and they’re enjoying foraging in the longer grasses and weeds. See two Silkies hiding?


“I’m not hiding!”


The Silkies really make me smile. They’re the French Poodles of the chicken world I think! These three are different shades of grey and look like a wee cluster of storm clouds!

And the youngest birds of all, just hatched today, are four more Aylesbury ducklings. Two didn’t make into the world unfortunately, but the others are fine. I hope that there’s not a wobbly one among ’em!

just hatchedThey even had some very early visitors this morning, Isla and Alys, two wee lasses staying with their grandparents in the Glen this week. They called in en route back south, so I was glad that the ducklings hatched in the nick of time!

Isla and Alys



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2 Responses to “The birds of Garybuie”


    I always enjoy looking at your pics, Christine. We haven’t seen our robins recently but our swallows, who nest in the outhouse, raised three chicks from their first brood and are currently feeding a second. From the noises emanating from the outhouse, this brood is close to fledging too. I hope they have time to get strength for their long flight and will come back next year.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Lucky you having a nest to observe! I love the chattering of the swallows, they have such a lot to say for themselves!

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