A huge sigh of relief

A week ago yesterday, Chance had her unfortunate encounter with the frisky cows. We’ve kept our eye on her all week and although she’s been keeping herself to herself, she’s been eating well and looking o.k. I’m sure that she’s got some nasty bruising, both inside and out, so rest is the best cure I suppose. Yesterday however, saw a big change and look where she was…

back with the cows

It’s so nice to see her enjoying time with Lucky and MacRae once more.

together again

Our youngest son, Andy, thinks that we should rename her ‘2nd Chance’!

2nd chance

All six of the Muscovy ducklings, now ten weeks old, are drakes by the look of them! ” Cows, Schmows” they say!

cows schmows

Two ducklings who are happy to stay within the confines of the garden are the remaining Ayelsburys. They’ve even commandeered a tuft of ornamental grass as their personal snoozing spot!

grassy twosome


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