Wash-day blues – and purples!

Ours isn’t a flowery garden. It consists mainly of trees, shrubs and vegetables, although we do have an abundance of spring bulbs. One particular flower which I love is a rich, purple clematis which climbs up the pole of my washing line.

Clematis 1

For over a month now, our bed and breakfast bookings have been mainly one night stays, many guests catching the ferry to the Outer Hebrides the following morning and many more seemingly on a whistle-stop tour of the Highlands. Whatever the reason for this unusual turn of events, it amounts to a lot of laundry I can tell you! So thankfully I have my cheerful purple blooms to chase away that Groundhog Day  feeling when I’m hanging out sheets, towels and tablecloths – again!

clematis 2


clematis 3


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2 Responses to “Wash-day blues – and purples!”


    That is a lovely clematis – is it ‘The President’? I’ve bought one called ‘Multiblue’, the pics look nice but it’s just a little fella at present.
    I apologise for adding to your laundry mountain – I’d have booked for longer if I’d known how delicious your breakfasts are. 🙂
    Well, you may be seeing us again next year as I’ve just booked a cottage on North Uist so we’ll be going from Uig again. I’ll make sure that I book for longer if we come your way again!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I’ve no idea what it’s called Diane, it was here when we moved in. Thanks for your laundry sympathies! The time of year when you came, we always refer to Friday night as ‘Ferry Night’, as lots of Brits are off for a week of self-catering out west. Don’t feel obliged to stay longer, although of course you’re welcome! For some reason it’s the high season this year where one-nights have been popular. I just wish that after travelling so far, our foreign visitors would stay longer to explore Skye and all its wonders more thoroughly. Anyway, I have all those winter months without laundry!!!

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