And then there were two

Bad news first. Out of the six Aylesbury ducklings, only two remain. Two were wobbly, one seemingly was attacked by something and a couple of days ago, one contrived to either break its leg or tear a major ligament.

Ducklings x 2

However, as with all tragedies, both large and small, we have to move on. Other youngsters are thriving…

Broody Brenda and her threesome

Broody Brenda and her threesome


…and the mixed bag of chicks which we hatched are also enjoying life. We are happy to provide ‘Cuddle a Chick’ moments with them should any of our guests require it!

Chick cuddles

The weather has been interesting this week. The hot, humid conditions have given way to sunshine and showers. Some of the showers are seriously hefty affairs and on Saturday, one such event resulted in just over an inch of rain being deposited in the glen within the space of an hour. Thank goodness it was vertical, not horizontal! Even the ducks were overwhelmed!


But when the sun shines, we try to make the most of it in between B and B duties. Most of the time that involves keeping on top of the garden but yesterday, we managed a three-hour-holiday. (Well, more of a two- and-a-half-hour one really!) We headed west to a place called Glendale where there’s a wonderful place for lunch; The Red Roof CafĂ©/gallery – you can see why…

Red Roof Cafe

All ingredients are local and all baking is homemade. Delicious. Of course all holidays come to an end, even the short ones, so I was soon back to the ironing and Kevin to fruit picking. He does get lots of help though!!

Fruit pickers


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