Join us on a wee trip

After days of non-summery weather, today dawned dry and warm, albeit cloudy. So, join us on a three-hour-holiday. Here’s a map so that you won’t get lost; we start in the glen at the yellow pin and head south to  Isleornsay and the red pin. Who needs Google Maps eh?


Isleoransay hotelNow I should warn you that the bike isn’t too well at the moment and can get a bit stuttery. Don’t worry though, just hold on tight in case it has a sudden surge and you won’t summer-salt over the back! We’re taking lunch at The Isleornsay Hotel and enjoying the peaceful views.













But of course it was only a three-hour-holiday so we were home in time to greet new guests, feed our feathered friends and yes, I knew it, you all came up with some fine excuses when it came to ironing the sheets!! Not to worry, I was re-energized after that wee break so even had the time to write this post too. I had to smile when, as I was sticking pins in the map, a quiet shuffling behind me grabbed my attention. It’s a long time since Lucky and Chance came calling and wisely decided that quacking was a bad idea if they wanted to avoid attention during a cat-dish raid! Only water I’m afraid girls!

Lucky and Chance

Lucky and Chance weren’t the only door-step visitors today. Broody Brenda, who has been sitting on her nest for a couple of weeks now, visits once a day and clucks demandingly for grain at the kitchen door, even if it’s closed! In the past she’s brought her chicks for a quick snack but she’s obviously decided that she deserves some special treatment herself. I think she’s right!




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4 Responses to “Join us on a wee trip”


    Lovely photos as usual, and I’m glad you enjoyed your wee holiday. Why is it that lobster pots make such good subjects? I have many such pics from all over Scotland and the north of England. I just can’t resist!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I think it’s their intricacy. Man-made against a natural background. Colourful too!

  2. mandala56 Says:

    Yes, I loved the lobster pots photo, too. Their colors are great!

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