Is there such a thing as a multi-tasking blog?

Multi-purpose perhaps? Multi-‘story’? Either way, I’m catching up on several topics in this blog, so perhaps you’d better make a cup of tea! First of all, we had a happy event at the weekend when six of our Aylesbury ducklings hatched. “Hey girls, someone’s moved into our cage!”

That's our cage!

We’re keeping a close eye on them in the kitchen for a few days, just to check that there are no slow-developing Aylesbury/Muscovy crosses this time. So far they all look great and are very active and inquisitive. They even thought that Kevin’s running shoes were something worth exploring. Brave wee souls!


Now that the incubator is free, we’re about to attempt to hatch some hen’s eggs once more. We don’t have many to spare as we need most of our eggs for guests’ breakfasts of course, but we can spare a dozen and also, during our search for a new cockerel, we’ve managed to come across someone who has Silkie eggs here on Skye! Fingers crossed! Speaking of our new cockerel, Big Fella, he’s recently discovered the front garden and seems to have appointed himself as front-of-house, meeting and greeting guests on occasion and also bidding a fond farewell if he’s available! “Are you sure those bikes are secure?”


Moving from fauna to flora, an increase in temperature accompanied by some very ‘useful’ rain on occasion, the vegetable plot is making up for lost time. Virtually 22 hours of daylight certainly helps and I’ll swear we can almost SEE things growing!

brassicas and beans


Of course all blossom and flowers in general are late this year, but well worth the wait. The rhododendrons are glorious, with quite a few of the illusive bee population visiting…

Busy bee

busy bee 2

After having no blossom at all last year, our Laburnum is positively dripping with flowers. However, there’s a big problem with the tree. Can you see how this bough is interfering with the telephone cable?


And how the tree trunk has split?

split trunk

Unfortunately, three more of the boughs are over-hanging the road and are going to have to come off for safety’s sake. When our family visited back in May, Matt and Kevin managed to insert a sturdy post under the ‘telephone cable’ bough, so hopefully it will prevent the need to take it off. Of course we’ll wait for the long-awaited blossom to fade before taking a saw to the poor thing.

Finally, on the indoor front, some of that useful rain which I mentioned earlier has given me some opportunities to work on my animal portraits. Pusscat was a lovely subject with his beautiful colours and gentle expression…


I drew him with colour pencil on pastel paper.  Secondly, I’ve had my first commission! Lalo is his name, a very wistful-looking border collie – very hairy too! I painted him in pen and ink/watercolour.



Equally exciting – for me at least – is that I’m currently working on my second commission! Two cats this time for lady in Australia who came to stay with us, along with her mum, earlier in the season. The portrait’s a secret yet though until my Australian guest has seen the end result! (If you would like to see other portraits which I’ve done, I’ve just added a wee gallery along with my other pages on the side-bar.)



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