Growing things

Things are running smoothly at the moment; vegetables are finally growing well and so are the ducklings. The Aylesbury threesome are coming up to 8 weeks old and are fully grown. There are two ducks, one drake. We’ve decided to keep the females to increase egg production (and hopefully to keep MacRae fully occupied!) As permanent residents, they will have to have names of course but nothing has come to mind just yet. Any ideas?

needing a name

And what’s this wee pile of ducklings doing all alone?

babysitter needed

Biggles obviously feels that all Garybuie residents don’t pose a threat to her family and she flies off to the river occasionally after telling them to stay put!


Although Puff has shown no interest whatsoever in the ducklings this year, Huff definitely enjoys doing his attentive father bit! It’s weird with Puff. She’s not even laying as far as we can tell. I have no idea how long Muscovies lay for. Does anyone out there know?

Happy family

Still on the subject of ducks, the eggs currently in the incubator are in the process of hatching as I write! They are Aylesburys once again. I wonder if any of them will be Aylesbury/Muscovy crosses this time around. If so, I hope that there will be more than one so that they can develop at their slower pace together.

Finally, moving on to hens, good old Broody Brenda has finally taken up residence in the nest box in the polytunnel coop. She just can’t resist and¬†hopefully, Big Fella is in full working order and we’ll finally get some chicks this season!

Broody Brenda


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