Another day in paradise

Seriously, Garybuie feels like a small slice of paradise; the weather is glorious and there’s an un-hurried quietness about the place.

ducks in the shade

Birdsong is virtually the only sound to break the silence. It’s been so peaceful this weekend that I took a couple of short movies in the garden so that you can share the atmosphere of the place. (It was intended just to be one movie but my camera is fairly new, I’ve not taken a movie with it before and the memory card filled very quickly. I’m obviously doing something wrong but didn’t want to waste time wading through the instruction manual!)

But before all that, finally some good news in the hatching department!

muscovy ducklings

Biggles is mum to these six cuties and strangely, Puff has shown no interest in sharing parental duties this time. We’re not even sure that she’s laying this season. We’ve made a temporary enclosure next to her house so that during the day she can feel secure with her new family, not having to fend off the attentions of that menace MacRae!  Also, the youngsters are safe if she wants to fly down to the river for a quick dip, especially as she has no babysitter this time around! It was nice to be able to show the happy family to our guests from the Netherlands, Jeroen and Kim, before they continued on their journey.

Jerone and Kim

And now for those (very) short walks where you may glimpse an orderly veg plot which I’ve got on top of during the good weather …


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