Simple entertainment

We’re alone once more at Garybuie (apart from bed and breakfast guests of course) and we have some fond memories of our grandchildren enjoying simple things in the glen. The ducks and hens held great fascination and Jake in particular enjoyed stroking one of the ducklings, finding its bill something to giggle about! (Sorry, couldn’t hold the duck AND get a picture at the same time unfortunately!)
duck watching
For once we were grateful that the council hadn’t repaired the many holes in the road, this one, over a culvert, providing entertainment for quite some time…
hole filling
…and as for the wobbly wee tree well, apparently there are few things as funny!
wobbly tree

wobbly tree 2
But my favourite picture is of the twins enjoying the ‘rustic’ transport at Garybuie!


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2 Responses to “Simple entertainment”

  1. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Wheel barrow is the best mode of transport at that age!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    And it’s a great way to keep twins in one place for a wee while!

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