Moving on

After a thoroughly miserable Sunday, against all hope, Kevin managed to find someone on Skye with a spare cockerel – well, several actually! So, meet The Big Fella…

Big FellaHe’s a Brahma and is enormous! He kinda looks like he just got out of bed and forgot to change out of his pyjamas! The girls don’t seem to be daunted by his appearance and so far he’s been the perfect gentleman. I hope he doesn’t be gentlemanly for TOO long though!




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2 Responses to “Moving on”


    Thanks for the good news – he’s a very handsome chap indeed! Sorry about the other cockerel and the wee chick but better times are ahead, I trust. 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Where ever animals are involved, there are always happy and sad times. That’s life.

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