If you have a sensitive nature, don’t read this.

I’m going to begin this post with a happy picture of our ducklings enjoying a Sunday by the pool. Make the most of it because the rest of the news from Garybuie is depressing to say the least.

by the pool

Do you remember a few weeks ago when none of our eggs hatched? At the time I blamed myself and/or an unseasonably cold spell for the failure. We restocked the incubator with more eggs including a precious postal delivery of Silkie eggs. Three of the Silkie eggs were fertile but NOT ONE of our own eggs. We can’t blame the temperature this time but we can, unfortunately,  point the finger at Snowball, our rooster.

silkie  As if that isn’t bad enough, only one of the Silkies hatched. We waited and waited, the wee chick all alone, cheeping for some companions. Now, being a mother hen is a 24/7 career and with all the will in the world, even with two of us, that level of attention and care is impossible. This way of life involves tough, unpleasant decisions and today’s decision to end the lonely existence of our only Silkie chick was one of the toughest we’ve encountered at Garybuie, but there was no alternative. So, after a dreadful start to the day, the end of the day is equally miserable when we say good-bye to Snowball. What is also upsetting is that one of the Plymouth Rock hens is sitting on about 12 eggs, all infertile. Obviously that was the reason why the Nest Thief didn’t hatch chicks either and we’d labelled the poor soul as a bad mother! Time for some new blood and also some happier news to report.







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2 Responses to “If you have a sensitive nature, don’t read this.”

  1. mandala56 Says:

    Well, I can’t click “like”, can I? But I’m glad you keep us updated. Best wishes.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I see your point! It would be an incomplete blog if I only wrote about the nice bits. Thanks for you wishes.

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