An accident, a ceremony and other matters

It’s been an eventful and varied week one way or another. One of the most varied things has been the weather. From glorious sunshine to threatening skies and hefty showers. Although those showers didn’t make our guests too happy, I found a resulting early morning rainbow, whilst setting tables for breakfast, something worth staring at for a few minutes…


double pegsSaturday was definitely a ‘double-peg day’ in the laundry department with the wind reaching gale-force 9 by late afternoon. Of course with all the heavy rain, it’s become fairly treacherous for hikers and resulted in a serious accident for one of our guests. You may remember seeing Hans and Marie-Christine almost three weeks ago when they stayed with us and met the new ducklings. He’s a photographer ( and takes fabulous landscapes. Heading towards the Cuillin mountain ridge, southern Skye, the scenic Fairy Pools were his destination, but when stepping across rocks at the head of the falls, he slipped and tumbled 10-12 meters into the pool at the foot of the falls. His heavy back-pack containing all his equipment met a watery end, but maybe saved Hans from serious injury, or worse. Mountain Rescue were called and eventually, a seriously battered and bruised photographer was winched off the  hillside by helicopter and flown to the hospital. The following couple of pictures were taken by Marie-Christine.

serious accident


Events took a turn for the better at the weekend when we attended the civil partnership ceremony ( and following party!) of our neighbours  and biking companions, Andy and Brian.

cutting the cake

Entertainment of a more low-key nature was when the three remaining ducklings managed to find their way into the drainage channel and had a great time dabbling in the water and getting filthy! Kids!

in the ditch




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2 Responses to “An accident, a ceremony and other matters”


    Wow, you do see life, don’t you! I hope it’s warming up nicely now for us at the weekend!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It all happens at Garybuie! Warming up I think but none too sunny – if we believe them!!!

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