Sad news of our ‘Musbury’ duckling

I’m afraid that I have some sad news about our Muscovy/Aylesbury cross duckling. After just less than two weeks, the poor wee thing died. As you can see, its (half)siblings were developing at a much faster rate…

little and larges

In fact, Aylesburys are pretty much fully grown at eight weeks, whereas Muscovy ducklings take twice as long. We kept a close eye on it and periodically put it into the cat box in the kitchen where it had its own personal food and heat source…

private facilities

After a while though, it would start to cheep for its companions and so we’d return it to them. This routine was working well, however, the differences in the needs and abilities between the two types of ducklings were becoming more apparent and essentially, the wee one just couldn’t keep up. Kevin had checked on the foursome when we returned from shopping and the ‘Musbury’ duckling was fine, standing in the food bowl, eating. Two hours later it was dead. If only there had been two ‘Musbury’ ducklings, we could have separated them into slow and fast developers and no lives would have been lost.



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2 Responses to “Sad news of our ‘Musbury’ duckling”

  1. cecilia Says:

    What bad luck, though i am not so sure that it would have survived, even with the extra help. I have found that there is always one who is weaker and they just don’t thrive.. so disappointing for you, do you think there will be another clutch this summer?.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      The problem was that the wee duckling was a cross, so not weak in Muscovy terms as they take twice as long to develop. It was just physically less robust than the pure Ayelsburys and couldn’t compete. We have hens’ eggs in the incubator at the moment and then we’ll put more Aylesbury eggs in there, this time with no crosses I hope! Of course Biggles the Muscovy is doing it naturally and her family are due to arrive in early June.

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