A couple of oddities


Pusscat definitely has the wrong name and I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while. I think that ‘Ten-to’ would be more appropriate. What do you think?


He certainly looks neat when he’s sitting but his feet remain at ten-to-two when he walks! Kinda like Charlie Chaplin.

As for oddity number two, we seem to have a duckling discrepancy! Spot the odd one out. All four hatched at the same time and all four came from Aylesbury eggs but three of them are growing much faster than the fourth. At first we thought it was just a sickly wee thing, although it’s happy to run around with the others – even though it tires more quickly – and eats and drinks plenty. Then Kevin came up with a good point: has Huff, the Muscovy, seduced Lucky or Chance? It’s not just that the duckling is small, but its whole posture is different. Like a Muscovy duckling in fact!

Spot the odd one out

MacRae’s the regular Don Juan around here but has Huff taken a leaf out of his book? We haven’t notice any covert couplings but he is more of the strong silent type!


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