Patches – self-appointed carer of ducklings

“What?” says Patches, ” I’m just checking that they’re O.K.”


“Someone has to keep an eye on the youngsters…”



“…making sure that they get enough to eat and drink.” (“Speaking of eating, I guess that they’re very tender at this age… Hmmm.”)


And when the cat’s away, the ducklings will play! They hurtle around the  floor and like nothing better than a quick dip in the cats’ drinking bowl to cool off!cooling off

In a different direction altogether, I haven’t shown you any paintings for a wee while. Of course I have less time to spend with my brushes now that the bed and breakfast season has begun. However, we’re not at full speed yet, so there’s an odd hour here and there to indulge myself! I’ve been on the farmyard recently, guess whose farm that is? Cecilia’s of course, over the ocean in Illinois.

DaisyThis first one is ‘Daisy’ and she’s painted in ink/watercolour, although because of the very strong light and shade, I think that she would have looked better using the Inktense Pencils which I used on the following painting, which I’ve called ‘Blethering’, as they produce much stronger colour.


But now I’ve returned to pet portraits, Pusscat being my current model. For this portrait I’m using coloured pencil on pastel paper – good for all that white fur!



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5 Responses to “Patches – self-appointed carer of ducklings”

  1. Lori Fontanes Says:

    What kind of ducklings are they? They look a bit like our Buff Orpington when she was little (they grow so fast!)

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hi Lori,
      They are Aylesburys and I agree, they grow VERY fast! We have to incubate the eggs ourselves as the ducks are absolutely USELESS mothers!!! We have muscovies too and they are great mums.


    That little cat patches is so appealing, just like my Freddie with the white ears. Nice to see Pusscat sitting for his portrait.

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