First new arrivals

Things are definitely getting off to a slow start this year. Although we’ve had rain (and wind, and hail) after a long, cold, dry spell, the glen still is still wearing its brown winter coat to a large extent. But there’s hope; so lovely to see primroses poking their heads through all that uninspiring dead bracken.


Fully formed Even more exciting, a couple of days ago we once again checked our duck eggs to check that all was still well and YES! Can you see, the air sac is clearly visible with a fully formed duckling (the dark area) behind it. Today, late morning, the first two of our Aylesbury ducklings arrived…





New arrivals

Usually, when new arrivals have dried off, we move them over to the old church under an infra-red lamp. Although we have contact with them every day, we tend not to get too up close and personal because after all, we don’t rear them as pets. This first group however, are a wee bit different. They, and their soon to arrive siblings, will spend the first couple of nights under a lamp in a large cage in a corner of the kitchen, before they move to the church. That way, we will get more up close and personal from the start as these wee guys will have a special job for which they need some special ‘training’. Extra time will be spent with them as they grow. We want them to be tame and approachable so that they can be introduced to the twinnies when they come to visit for the first time in May. (YIPEEE!) Also, we’re getting quite a collection of small children in the glen these days and it would be nice for them to be able to handle the ducklings too.



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