Cats don’t need cushions!

Since Pusscat came to join us a few weeks ago, there has been some minor re-shuffling of who sits where. To be fair, the old fella’s been quite obliging and soon learned the seating arrangements of the established feline residents. When we claim our own preferred seats of an evening, the cats take up theirs; Hamie on Kevin’s lap and Patches on the rug in front of ‘The Beast’.

Kevin’s lap was hastily abandoned when Pusscat decided to occupy the empty space between us, Hamie moving into a fireside chair instead from where she could direct some serious black looks! (Thinking about it, I guess she can’t really give any other colour of look!) but last night, after much deliberation, she finally succumbed to her favourite spot…

Hamie returns

You may notice in the background that Patches is having problems all of her own! ‘The Beast’ is not in use now that spring has arrived (!), so the rug doesn’t have quite the same appeal. She’s now decided to take up residence on the other chair but just can’t seem to get comfortable!

“What’s this thing taking up valuable relaxing space?”…

No space

“Don’t you realise that I’m not a kitten ANY MORE? A girl needs room to manoeuver!”


“Oh well, I suppose this will just have to do! Cushions, who needs ’em!”

O.K. Patches, we get the message!


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2 Responses to “Cats don’t need cushions!”


    Cats’ behaviour is very entertaining and watching cats trying to get comfortable is one of the best. Our boys are not so forbearing as Patches – if anything gets in their way they just shove it off. I had my camera next to me on the sofa one day when Freddie decided he needed its room and tried to jettison it – I just got there in time.

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