Definitely spring – I think!


Pusscat may not be too keen on gale force wind and hefty, horizontal downpours, but rain is certainly something which we needed after an unseasonable, extended dry spell. Temperatures are much milder too, so finally some spring-like signs are evident and spring-like tasks in the garden are possible. (and enjoyable!)


At last, seedlings are making their appearance in the polytunnel – peas, lettuce, broad beans, broccoli, red cabbage, kale and cauliflower – and I’ve planted some new ones; brussel sprouts, courgettes and savoy cabbage.









veggie seedlings



Outside, I planted spinach, beetroot and under the tunnel in the background of the next shot are carrots and parsnips.





Of course there’s great activity among the fauna too. The birdsong and to-ing and fro-ing of the wild bird population is always welcome to fill us with enthusiasm for the new season. Someone who’s definitely filled with enthusiasm is the Sparrow Hawk who sees Garybuie as his local fast food outlet – VERY fast!!

sparrow hawk

muscovy eggAs far as our domestic fowl, we now have three Muscovy eggs – I think they were waiting for some warmer weather too! The question is, will Puff and Biggles both rear their own family or will we once more have shared parental duties?

After our recent disaster, when all 20 of our incubated hens’ eggs stopped developing, thankfully, 7 out of 8 incubated Aylesbury duck eggs were fertile at day 7 and after an interim check at day 14, all seven are continuing to develop. The dark area on the right of the egg is the 14-day-old embryo. Sorry, it’s not the best of photos.


And finally, another development, involving inanimate objects this time, is the new des. res. for poultry which is almost finished. We now suddenly have lots of CLEAN wall space, perfect for hanging some pet portraits I think! A dual purpose development in fact, although regular dusting of the frames will probably be necessary!

Des. Res.


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4 Responses to “Definitely spring – I think!”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Lets hope our temps catch up with yours soon, I love your tunnel, i really should give one a proper try but wrestling plastic in this wind is a trial! morning christine.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      As long as you erect it on a calm day, a polytunnel is a pretty robust thing. We’ve had ours for eight years now and it’s survived wind gusts of well over 100mph. If you can position it where other buildings – or your new trees – can help to break the wind, then I think it would be fine.


    Looks like Pusscat is settling in well, bless him. Well done getting your seeds in. Our mini-greenhouse blew away so I’ve set none yet. I do hope the laburnum is out when we visit.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Oh dear, sorry about your greenhouse. Maybe a polytunnel would be your answer, they’re very robust. Sorry too that I doubt very much that the Laburnum will be in flower when you visit. It’s June before it blossoms and last year it didn’t bother at all!

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