A new addition and an unfortunate subtraction

So, would you like the good news first? O.K. We have a new addition here at Garybuie although strictly speaking, it’s an old, new addition! Meet Pusscat, he’s 16…


Pusscat 2

This is one camera-shy cat! I spotted his picture in the pet shop window a couple of weeks ago. He is a country cat and his owner is moving south to a city so was looking for a new home for him here on Skye. Well, what could we do? I phoned the attached number and there hadn’t been any interest in the poor guy, understandably at such an age. The thought of him ending up in a cage at the Cats Protection League for his remaining years plucked the old heart-strings good and proper I can tell you. So here he is! The first couple of days he just followed us around like a lost soul, growling at Hamie and Patches. (“Did it look like I cared?” said Hamie) But now he’s fitting in just fine. He’s found his own favourite spots for a snooze and enjoys attention at any time of day. He’s even been running around the garden and climbing trees – part way up at least! Hopefully he’ll enjoy his last few years at Garybuie. So far Patches carries on in her own sweet way and of course Hamie just glares at him, but hey, that’s Hamie!

IncubatorNow for the bad news. We’ve lost every one of our first batch of hens’ eggs in the incubator; 20 in all. All were fertile on day 7 but on checking them on day 17, none of them had developed any further. I think it was partly my fault. The incubator is placed in our dining room, a room which has the least fluctuations in temperature – usually. Last season, our eggs seemed to have hatched a wee bit early so this time around, I thought I’d decrease the internal temperature of the incubator slightly. Unfortunately, it’s unseasonably cold at the moment, probably the coldest it’s ever been for any of our previous incubation efforts. There’s no heating in the dining room overnight and I think that the combination of me lowering the incubator’s temperature, coupled with the wildly fluctuating ambient temperature in the room was unsuitable for the developing embryos. Hmmmph.

But, we must move on. Duck eggs this time and I’ve put the incubator’s temperature back to what it was! Also, as the nights are still so cold, we’ve been putting a small, portable radiator in the room overnight, in the hope of providing some sort of environmental stability. Day 3 today, I’ll let you know how they’re doing on day 7. Fingers crossed.



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9 Responses to “A new addition and an unfortunate subtraction”


    Sorry to hear about the loss of the eggs, but it has been so cold, hasn’t it? Better news about your new ginger boy. Well done for saving him from a cage. Our boys came from RSPCA and had both been there for long periods despite being fairly young cats. The oldies always make me want to weep. I hope Pusscat will enjoy his new home – better than a big move at his age. I look forward to meeting him. 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      And I’m sure he’ll enjoy meeting you Diane – he really likes people and certainly isn’t backwards at coming forwards!!!

  2. Teri Says:

    You’re such a sweetheart for adopting Pusscat! I know he’ll be happy at Garybuie (who wouldn’t be?!).

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Hi Teri,
      Oh, it wasn’t difficult, he’s an extremely likable character – even if Hamie’s not too sure!

  3. Dorinha Says:

    He’s such a beautiful cat. What a lucky creature he is. My dad saw him and now he wants one too. xxx


      Then send/take your Dad to the nearest RSPCA/Cats Protection sanctuary – they have lots of cats waiting for love.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, Pusscat and your dad would be great together, two old timers with a wealth of experiences between them. Hope your dad is now as contented as the cat appears to be.
      Christine x

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