A guide to Garybuie

Things are hotting up now that spring is here (really?) The polytunnel and veg plots are being prepared, hens and ducks are a-laying and the first visitors of the new season are due to arrive on Thursday – IF they manage to negotiate all the snow drifts which are a problem for most of the U.K. Not Skye though!

Garybuie will be a hive of activity over the next six months or so, all of it crammed into an area of about 1/3 of an acre. Or maybe it’s 1/4. Whatever, it’s small! I know that I’ve taken you on wee tours around the place before now, but at ground level it can be difficult to get a feel for the lay-out of the place. So, I had a minor brain wave to help matters!

Several years ago we had an aerial photograph taken of Garybuie and although it’s changed quite a bit since then, I’ve given it some labels to give you a better  picture of where things are nowadays!

The Lay-out

NOW we’re cooking!!! This was taken at the time when we had pigs. That’s their ‘zone of desolation’ behind the telephone box. Judging by the gate arrangement, Effie and Flora were in their separate quarters either expecting piglets at any day or with  recently arrived offspring. However, we only rented that piece of land so it doesn’t belong to Garybuie’s present day lay-out.

As you can see, we were rather swamped out by trees and now the veggie plot is more open to get as much light as possible…

veg plot

The main duck house was constructed using the timber from the former pig accommodation. The building is divided into two and a and as you can guess, Huff’s House is home to the Muscovies and the other half is for the Aylesburys.

Duck Houses

The red arrow on the main photograph points to a low-roofed shed which we can see outside the kitchen window – one of the favourite perches of the Muscovies…

shed perch

…as is the wee bridge.

Chilly perch

Apart from the remaining Chicken coops and shed, that just leaves the Old Church with its small end, being currently revamped…


…and the larger end which is a VERY useful space. Storage, butchery, ham and sausage production, Chicken and duck plucking, motorbike maintenance………

useful space

So, no excuses for getting lost around the place this summer!


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4 Responses to “A guide to Garybuie”


    We have plenty of snow here, cold temps and high winds. Hoping that the days will be balmy when we see you – well, as balmy as it gets in the North. 😉

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It’s so deceptive here Diane; we look out of the window and see a beautiful blue sky, but step out of the door and it feels like a plunge into a meat locker, one with a mighty draft through its open door! May should be balmy enough I think!

  2. Pat White Says:

    The little piggy wine rack is adorable. Do you recall where you bought it? I’d love to have one for laughs.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Sorry Pat, it was a gift at Christmas from our eldest son. I’ll ask him if my sieve of a brain remembers!

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