Spring things!


Today sunrise was at 6.37 a.m. and sunset will be at 6.30 p.m. The days are getting noticeably longer. That fact, coupled with Iain the crofter performing his annual muck-spreading, surely signifies that spring has sprung! It’s certainly been a lovely day, a day that we’ve both spent in the garden; Kevin painting fences and me clearing the veg patch for the new season’s plantings. Speaking of the veg patch, even though they’re not really allowed, Puff and Biggles have found it very useful this week – the perfect place to escape MacRae’s attentions. Well, for Biggles at least, Puff’s just there for moral support I think. Yes, MacRae’s at it again, unable to resist the charms of that particular muscovy. Can you see them hiding (and gossiping about bothersome drakes no doubt) among the brussels sprouts?


Meanwhile, Huff was left to police MacRae and his ladies. I think he’d prefer to be in the veg patch too but can’t get enough height to fly over the fence, poor soul!

On guard

Anyway, the girls will have to manage without sprouts from now on  because as I said,  I’ve cleared all the remaining veg, ready for preparation for new planting. There are a handful of sprouts, some parsnips, leeks, plenty of carrots and a small hill of swedes! What does one do with all those swedes?!!


Of course spring doesn’t just encourage gardening activities. New projects start swirling around the grey matter! On this occasion I’ve come up with a plan for some ‘Interior Design’, shall we say. (Did you hear Kevin Groan?) Not in the house but here…

plans afoot

Rough and ready to say the least! You may recognize this as the place where all our newly hatched chicks and ducklings spend the early part of their lives. Have I ever told you that this area is actually the small end of what began life as the only church in the glen back in the 50s? Well, now you know! For some time now, I’ve fancied getting a couple of Silkies, extremely broody bantam hens who would be great at helping with our annual breeding program, leaving the incubator free for rearing Aylesbury ducklings only. But before we go down that route, some serious improvements in accommodation need to take place (Nothing quit so grand as your ‘Coupe’ Cecilia!) I’ve been out there measuring today and plans have been clattering around my head while pulling up old veg! A wee drawing is in order next I think then all I need is a man and a saw…..KEVIIIN! I’ll let you see how it progresses.


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8 Responses to “Spring things!”


    I love seeing your photos and reading your blog, too. Wot no cats? I think round here the farmers feed the swedes to the hill sheep.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, I’ve seen sheep and swedes here too, maybe I’ll ask the muck-spreading crofter! Sorry about the lack of cats but watch this space!

  2. cecilia Says:

    A CHURCH? I guess they are an ungodly bunch around your place it is SO SMALL! I know all about finding a man and a saw, i went in search of a Hammer today and could find neither Man NOR hammer! your birds will have a powerful coop when you are done.. i am going to collect my wee chicks soon and they will be in a plastic tote with a light! poor lovies! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      It was built for a splinter group apparently! There’s a lot of in-house squabbling up here resulting in congregations getting smaller and smaller! Religeon can be a strange thing. Hope you found a hammer!

  3. Dorinha Says:

    I can hear him.

  4. souldipper Says:

    If I had any trust, I’d be prepping a fenced area for some veggies. However, we have rabbits that manage to decimate even the best fenced plots. Never mind – I love supporting the locals who sell their produce in little stalls at the end of their driveways. As I work my way home, the menu unfolds.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Luckily for us, rabbits aren’t a problem in our part of the glen. Garybuie sits in the valley bottom and has lovely deep soil for growing things but the surrounding valley sides are very shallow soil sitting on a basalt bedrock. Not good for burrowing I suspect!
      I love unfolding menus too. I don’t know about your part of the world, but over here these days, the endless parade of TV chefs are producing pretentious dishes with many ingredients from the other side of the world! Before we came to Skye, I was guilty of the same thing; find a recipe and then buy the ingredients, wherever they came from. Now though, I look what we have, or what’s being sold locally that’s seasonal and THEN find a recipe which uses those seasonal ingredients. Just like our mothers did when we were young!

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