Getting ready

The ridge

I love scenes like this. Dramatic dark skies and a brightly lit foreground with such vivid colours. This was a quickly taken photograph. It might look bonnie but believe me, those clouds are being driven rapidly by the most brutal, freezing north-easterly. It’s a wind that brings tears to your eyes and bites your face, turning it numb. We’ve endured this wind, sometimes gale-force, for about three days now – even the ducks are hiding under the bushes! So, essential outdoor chores only which is fine, as this week I’ve been busy re-decorating the conservatory, where our soon-to-be-arriving bed and breakfast guests of the new season will enjoy their breakfast.


Not a pretty sight but I’ve finished it now and given the place a spring-clean too. It may be horribly cold outside but now that the sun rises over the hill opposite much earlier in the day, at least it’s been pleasantly warm while I’ve been working. You might be able to see some other seasonal preparations of a different kind on the table in the background. A propagating tray with tomato, pepper and chilli seedlings inside and there’s also another tray outside the propagator containing some newly germinated red cabbage and cauliflower seedlings.

As it’s Sunday and my re-decorating complete, I’ve spent most of the day completing a portrait of Patches, this time using coloured pencils on black pastel paper.




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4 Responses to “Getting ready”


    What a lovely portrait of a pretty cat. Can’t wait to see her for real – not long now. 🙂

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Yes, she is a pretty girl – and affectionate too! I’m sure she’ll introduce herself in May!

  2. zachandclem Says:

    You seem to live in a beautiful environment! Nice picture!

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