Sorry, but we’ve all got wet today!

On waking up this morning the day held promise, so I thought I’d cycle/walk up the glen to the waterfalls again – it’s so peaceful up there. We’ve exchanged blue skies for grey but it’s mild (7 degrees mid-morning) and dry. Well, WAS dry until I reached the furthest point when a persistent heavy drizzle set in. So, sorry, but I haven’t got such good views for you on this occasion – AND I’ve got you wet! Even so, the silence was bliss, nothing but the sound of the river tumbling over rocks as I passed by, and the occasional eerie bird call from the mist.

Last week…


…this week…


On the subject of birds, you may remember when we first shared this walk, I thought that I saw a pair of Golden Eagles soaring above a craggy outcrop but didn’t have any binoculars. Well, since then I’ve bumped into Peter, the crofter who lives at the end of the glen, and asked him if he’d seen any eagles on his croft. Apparently yes; he’d been rounding sheep up on the hill near the crag where I saw the birds and he saw what he thought was a person sitting, perhaps eagle-spotting. As he got nearer however, he realised that it was a golden eagle – person spotting no doubt!

Fortunately when I returned to my bike, I could speedily free-wheel back to Garybuie and dry off, spending the rest of this particular Sunday completing my portrait of Hercules and Maximus. As I told you, this was quite a challenge as it was a combination of two photographs. At one point I thought I’d finished but realised that the picture had a very unbalanced look about it; all dark at one side and wishy-washy on the other…

Les and Max 1

…so I supplied an extra cushion and feel that this provides a more balanced portrait. What do you think?

Les and Max 2


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6 Responses to “Sorry, but we’ve all got wet today!”

  1. cecilia Says:

    IT does, what a lovely piece of work, it is so peaceful.. imagine finding a golden eagle.. ! c

  2. Dorinha Says:

    Oh, how I miss the silence!!!

  3. matt Says:

    Very good! They look just like two cats we have!

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