Introducing Maximus and Hercules

Well, there was a bit of a surprise when we woke up on Saturday morning…

snowy ridge

Where did our beautiful blue sky go? Oh well, it was still nice to get out for a walk and by the afternoon, the sky had returned to its preferred hue! At least I made some new friends on my snowy walk – it’s amazing the power a carrot has! Aren’t horses’ lips the most wonderful things?

Equine friends

As enjoyable as my walk was, it was good to get back with The Beast (Yup, there’s a truce at the moment!) and finish off my latest painting. I’ve called it “Companions enjoying the sunshine” and the subjects live here.


So now it’s time for another challenge. Meet Maximus and Hercules, A.K.A. Max and Les…



These two heroic-sounding cats belong to our son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Sarah, and I took these photos when we visited them (and the twins of course) in January. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get them to pose nicely together. So, challenge no.1 : I need to combine these two pictures to make a joint portrait. Challenge no. 2 :the scale of each cat isn’t the same and so they need to be matched up. Challenge no.3 : Dad gave me some money for my birthday recently and I treated myself to some good quality coloured pencils from Derwent. now it’s time to put them to the test!



I’ve used the grid technique for this painting, keeping Max’s grid proportions the same on the paper, but increasing Les’s grid proportions slightly on paper. The sketch looks OK but there are added problems to combining the two pictures; the backgrounds are completely different so need to be combined somehow and also, new shadows will be thrown by Les onto Max. So far I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and I’m looking forward to working in a different medium too. An extra plus point about all this sunny weather/approaching spring is that now the sun manages to clear the opposite hill earlier in the day and consequently, the conservatory has been transformed from an icebox into a very desirable place to be! Perfect for painting and a lovely view too…

artist's view

Anyway, so far, so good!

Max and Les


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2 Responses to “Introducing Maximus and Hercules”

  1. cecilia Says:

    Oh another beautiful painting and this one has that Oh factor, this is one of the oldest shots from the farm and one of my favourites.. you are so good, a real talent, I had no idea you were doing another farmy painting. and your new project does sound like a challenge but I know you will come up with something magnificent. I am hoping for a little spring break this coming week, what do you think our chances are! I hope you are getting a little warmer now..c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I must admit that this particular photo has always been high on my list of favourits too! The lighting and not just the subjects is wonderful. Yes, our temperatures have risen a wee bitty this week but unfortunately we’ve lost our blue skies – oh well, can’t have it all! There is a spring-like feel about the glen though – I hope that you get a similar feeling soon and then those lambies can come out to play!
      P.S. Big Dog’s on his way!

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