New trees, old town

There’s been a rare sight in the glen today – a blue sky! I couldn’t waste such a thing of beauty so this morning I cycled down the glen and walked up the opposite side, along the (felled) forest track. There’s a path which branches off the main track called “The Old Town Road”, or in gaelic…

Old town road

This part of the forest was the first to be felled and replanted four or five years ago and although there’s still a lot of ugly, dead wood lying around, the young trees are coming on well, some of them almost as tall as me. (Not that big then!)

young trees

The views were wonderful on such a clear day…

out to sea

…although I have to say that the Old Town was a wee bit disappointing as there only appeared to have been one house in this town, its only resident nowadays being of the coniferous variety! To be fair, there are lots of large stones covering the area which are now overgrown, so maybe there was more to the town at one time.

old house

A thoroughly enjoyable outing which I followed with a thoroughly enjoyable few hours on a new painting taken from one of my favourite photographs by You Know Who!

Companions in the sun

P.S. You might have noticed that I’ve gone all posh with my audio books. Kevin got me an MP3 player for Christmas so now I can download books for free from the Highland Libraries! At the moment I’m ‘reading’ ‘The Testament of Gideon Mack’ by James Robertson:

“Mack has grown up in an austere and chilly house, dominated by a joyless father. Unable to believe in God, he is far more attracted by the forbidden cartoons on television. Father and son clash fatally one day and it may be guilt which drives Mack to take up a career in the Church.This minister, who doesn’t believe in God, the Devil or an afterlife, one day discovers a standing stone in the middle of a wood where previously there had been none. Unsure what to make of this apparition, Mack’s life begins to unravel dramatically until the moment when he is swept into a mountain stream, which pours down a chasm before disappearing underground.Miraculously Mack emerges three days later, battered but alive. He seems to have lost his mind however, since he claims that while underground he met the Devil…”


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2 Responses to “New trees, old town”

  1. souldipper Says:

    You certainly are talented, madam artist! Thank you for a few Skye-scapes – especially on such a clear day. No wonder you headed out!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Thankyou Amy! I must admit that this is the first year where I feel as though I’ve maybe found my niche in the artistic world and that I’ve actually made some progress! I always wanted to paint landscapes (who doesn’t?) but I’ve had limited success in that field. As I love animals anyway and thoroughly enjoy their ‘company’ while I paint, maybe I should stick with them! Perhaps it could be a new career plan; BandB in the summer, pet portraits in the winter!
      Glad you liked the Skye Scenes, although the forest is still pretty much a scene of devestation!
      P.S. It’s another ‘Blue Sky’ day today!!!

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