Interupted porridge (but I don’t mind!)

I was just making my porridge this morning when I received a phone call from our neighbour, Paul. He said that there were three deer in the field behind us! I couldn’t see them from the kitchen because of the trees but sure enough, there they were happily grazing. I dragged dad outside too as he keeps complaining that he’s not seen any deer in the glen since he came here. As I keep telling him though, dawn and dusk are the more usual times for deer to visit the lower levels in the glen. So today was very special and I didn’t mind that my porridge was passed its best by the time I came to eat it!

I wonder if these were the culprits who ate my cabbages last autumn?

The weather is still wintry so other than essential duck/chicken husbandry (and deer spotting!), I’m still enjoying my time indoors with a paintbrush. This is my latest effort, once again using Derwent Inktense pencils. The subjects are courtesy of Cecilia.

'After a Swim'


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