Don’t be fooled!

I have a couple of encouraging shots to share with you today….


Do NOT be fooled! They may instil a spring-like feeling but believe me, spring is a long way off at Garybuie. Temperatures have been hovering around zero these past few days (with an intermittent extremity-shrivelling wind chill) and precipitation has alternated between rain, slightly slanted hail…


… and a more vicious variety transported by gales – horizontally of course – the ridge halting that icy cargo in its tracks. Today the winds are less fierce thankfully, as what breeze there is, is coming straight from the north-pole I fear!

The Ridge

So, unless you’re a brave wee snowdrop, staying indoors is a great idea! At least it’s given me the opportunity to finish a painting which I started before we travelled south. I’ve called it ‘Old Pharoh’, but some of you will know his real name!

Old Pharoh


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4 Responses to “Don’t be fooled!”

  1. RecyclerSA Says:

    Been lurking for ages 🙂 HIs name is Cooder aka Big Dog. Celi’s John will be pleased I’m sure. Laura

  2. cecilia Says:

    Oh look at that! You have painted Big Dog, what a stunning portrait, I can’t wait for John to get back in he is going to have the biggest smile.. you are so clever.. that really is a wonderful piece of work Christine.. wow.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Your animals seem so easy to paint. Maybe it’s because they’re so used to being photographed, they know just which is their best pose! And of course both dogs know that people just love to see those sad eyes and go aaahhh!!!

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