Branching out in the garden

It’s been a weekend of mixed weather. Sunday was showery and cold but Saturday was perfect; chilly, but the sun made a decent appearance and there wasn’t a breath of wind. Nothing to hear but birdsong – including the occasional cluck and quack (if you can call that singing!). So, a perfect outdoor day then.

spudsPoor Kevin spent most of the day on the conservatory roof, trying to fix an elusive leak. He’s not a heights man, particularly a height which involves a transparent, sloping, creaky roof! I stayed at ground level, doing some general tidying work in the garden and preparing this season’s potatoes for chitting. Is it really a year since the last time I did this?

Being out in the garden meant that the cats had to join me too, realizing that it was probably a family day out! Their activities were somewhat more arboreal than mine – climbing up trees…




…realizing you’ve climbed the wrong tree…

Patches and Hamie

…bidding a hasty retreat from what you could have SWORN was the right tree…

hasty retreat

…but pretending that you had to turn back anyway for a spot of bird-watching…


…and calling a truce for long enough to climb down trees…


All this tree-climbing works up quite an appetite both for food and the inevitable cat-nap!



As for Sunday, after a brisk (and wet) walk down the glen, I devoted most of the day to completing my muscovy portrait. Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with it, although I certainly need more practice with the Inktense pencils and their behaviour. I also began another drawing, but I think I’m going to keep that one a secret for the time being!



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2 Responses to “Branching out in the garden”

  1. Eha Says:

    A ‘doggie’ person from Australia had a remarkably happy experience with your cats doing acrobatics! Uhuh, and just love your Muscovy ducks too! [Well, first of all noticed your incredible TonTon portrait!!}

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Glad To have made you happy – they certainly made me smile! Ah, Ton Ton. I posted him to Cecilia before Christmas and he hasn’t made it yet. I’m just hoping that he’s got caught up in the large voumes of Christmas mail and will make an appearance in Illinois soon!

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