Pretty as a picture – well, not everyone!

The weather has been mild and dismal these past few days, alternating between a fairly constant mizzle and something with a bit more attitude! Even so, there are still lovely scenes to see in the glen, just in the near distance rather than further afield;  small vignettes against a misty backdrop.

River Hinnisdal

Most of the feathered residents of Garybuie also make a pretty picture, now that their new plumage has grown. Snowball’s tail has returned to its former glory too, making him more inclined to strut his stuff once more!


New plumage

However, two of our hens decided to moult later than the rest and one of them in particular is half-naked. I stalked her Disapearing henaround the garden in the hope of getting a shot of her so that you could sympathise with her plight! Not on your nelly! No way was she going to appear in public in her current state of undress (exit stage left,quickly)…

Two characters who are always pretty as a picture, in my eyes at least, are Puff and Biggles, the muscovy females. So much so, that I thought I’d use them for my latest painting project. Kevin got me the ‘Inktense Selection’ by Derwent for Christmas and I thought I’d try them out on the ducks. “The fascinating Inktense range takes water-soluble media to the next level; pure tones and vibrant colours, a highly blendable texture and vibrant ink-like washes. Inktense pencils and blocks complement each other perfectly, opening up an exciting world of endless possibilities.”  Well, whether I’m ready to be taken to the ‘next level’ remains to be seen but I’m certainly up for ‘an exciting world of endless possibilities’!



Starting out

What it says on the tin is certainly accurate; the colours are indeed vibrant and intense. Only the tiniest amount of pigment is needed for paler tones. Laying the dry colour down is deceptive as once water is added, the intensity of the colour is surprising to say the least! They’re going to take some getting used to but I thoroughly enjoyed my first few hours in their company and I’d say that my muscovy portrait is about half way to completion. (Sorry, the photo’s a wee bit blurry!)

Progress so far!

Progress so far!


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