A slightly belated annual review!

As we start the new year, it’s nice to look back at 2012. One of the great things about a blog is that by delving into old posts, the previous year – with all its joy and sadness – is there to be seen once more at the click of a mouse! Some events are still fresh in the memory, others are small forgotten moments waiting to be revealed.

Overall, the year has been an eventful one; our best Bed and Breakfast season to date, a long, dry summer necessitating water re-cycling measures, the felling of the forest opposite our home. How do I condense so many events? A pictorial summary I think, concentrating on the lives connected to Garybuie. Of course the two seriously major and joyous events of the past year were the arrivals of our first grandchildren; twins to Matt and Sarah in January…

Eyes wide open!

… and this snoozy wee fella to Andy and Mary in August…


The arrival of newly hatched chicks and ducklings is a more usual event at Garybuie, although this year the hatching of chicks was a fairly chaotic affair. (Memo to self; get a grip in 2013!) For some reason, our efforts at incubation weren’t as productive as in previous years but also, there were problems on the Broody Hen front! Brenda, our regular broody hen got ousted by our recently acquired Plymouth Rock who became a nest thief!

Nest thief

Poor old Brenda moved in temporarily with the Muscovies until their ducklings hatched and she was unceremoniously evicted by Biggles. Depression set in but then she overcame that, made a new nest in a stand of Golden Rod…


…happily becoming a mum once more!


Brenda’s one remaining offspring from last year decided to follow in mum’s footsteps, making her nest in the adjacent field. Fortunately, we managed to move both her and her two surviving chicks indoors, keeping them safe from bad weather and predators.

Hidden nest

The Muscovies, Puff and Biggles, successfully reared two broods, sharing parental duties as in the previous year.


We incubated Aylesbury duck eggs, obtained from a friend, in the hope of providing His Randiness, MacRae, with some extra female company. Only one of the ducklings turned out to be female however, Jenny, and she spent most of her time with the similarly aged muscovies as the Aylesburys rejected her for a long time. Finally she was accepted only to die suddenly after only a few weeks with her new family.

Jenny's gang!

Jenny’s gang!

Our greatest loss however, was Wallace, only six years old and probably the sweetest natured cat we’ve ever had.


To keep Hamie, our remaining cat, company, we found Patches…the most mischievous, badly behaved cat we’ve ever had! Fortunately, she’s also extremely loveable!


And there’s 2012 in a nutshell, who knows what 2013 will bring? Hopefully you’ll join me once in a while to share the new year’s ups and downs. Happy New Year!

Jenny and Patches


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2 Responses to “A slightly belated annual review!”

  1. cecilia Says:

    A lovely little trip down memory lane, every time i see those duck i want some!! But maybe I have enough birds.. c

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