Sunset and snow

There isn’t much to report at the moment but I couldn’t resist sharing last evening’s sunset over our new view of MacLeod’s Tables…


…along with this morning’s view of the snowy ridge at the opposite end of the glen…

the ridge


" Is this my best side?"

” Is this my best side?”

There was a minor challenge in taking the ridge shot; Broody Brenda, who blocked my way across the wee bridge, insisting that I take her photo minus accompanying brood for a change! (She’s also got all her replacement feathers after this season’s moult and feels particularly glamorous I think!) As for the remaining birds, finding a sunny spot was the order of the day, with temperatures hovering around freezing.sunny spot

The muscovy ducks and ducklings seemed to be particularly keen on grazing the frozen grass. Hmmm…bare feet, icy lunch – it made me shiver to watch them! Oh, by the way, today one of the male ducklings escaped an even colder destination, so to speak, by being bought by some friends of ours as companion to their two female muscovies. Lucky lad!

Icy snack



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