More November weather and a mystery model!

It’s typical November weather at the moment; cold, damp and gloomy for the most part. We’ve had around eleven inches of rain this month but thankfully no floods like so many poor souls are having to cope with in many other parts of the U.K. We do get some spells of sunshine however, when it’s always worthwhile to take a few moments to enjoy!







On the indoor front, I’m tackling another painting, this time using a subject with far more personality than a sheep’s skull! Here’s a picture of my progress so far and a few visitors to Garybuie’s blog may recognize my model – even though he’s not quite ‘there’ yet! One small clue however, is that this charming chappie is not a resident of Garybuie, or indeed anywhere this side of the Atlantic! We’ll wait until the portrait is further along before I divulge his name! I’ve reverted to pen and ink/water-colour for this one as he seems to be just too cuddly for pencil! (And I wanted to capture his beautifully expressive doggy eye!)

Of course while I’m working with our mystery guest, I’m still ‘reading’. My current Playaway book is ‘A Fraction of the Whole’ by Steve Toltz. It’s an Australian story about a father and son, beautifully written with some dark humour too.

From the Australian bush to the cafes of Paris; from the highs of first love to the lows of failed ambition, this is an unforgettable, rollicking and deeply moving family story”

I’m also reading a ‘proper’ book, “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness, involving witches, daemons, vampires and an ancient alchemical manuscript. Thankfully, both books are completely different genres, so less chance of one story trying to get mixed up with the other!


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