A walk in the glen and out with the pencils!

Today has been a fairly chilly one but with a lovely brightness to it; big, intricately shaped clouds with dazzling sunshine contrasting their dramatic pewter shades, enhancing the vivid greens and russets of the glen. I took the opportunity to walk to the post-box at the end of the glen, taking some pictures on the way to share with you. Until those previously mentioned pewter shades took on a distinctly threatening appearance and seemed to be heading straight for me! Luckily, I won the race but within minutes of arriving indoors, the heavens opened and an aggressive downpour of hail pounded Glenhinnisdal.

So, back to the drawing board, literally! After being inspired by the book ‘Secrets to Realistic Drawing’ by Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks, I’ve wanted to do a pencil drawing for some time. We have a particularly (in my opinion!) impressive ram skull which I thought I’d use as a still-life piece. Best laid plans and all that!

I decided to set up shop so to speak, upstairs in one of the guest rooms where I could close the door on everything, rather than putting things away at the end of each drawing session, thus keeping my still-life, well, STILL! Patches kept me company for most of the morning, keeping herself busy searching for whatever was making a noise somewhere in the vicinity of the window. I could see that the culprits were Great Tits who seemed to have found some tasty morsels in the guttering above the window but Patches couldn’t see them. Lunchtime came and when I returned my still-life had obviously not remained still, thanks to Patches seemingly losing interest in the unexplained noises and deciding instead to thoroughly investigate my carefully arranged skull, coming to the conclusion that I really didn’t have it at the best angle and maybe she could do better? So, plan B; take a photograph and work from that in my usual location downstairs, next to the French windows.

I’ve not worked in pencil before, well not since my school days at least, and I need to make some adjustments I think, but so far I’m enjoying myself…

Oh yes, I’m still ‘reading’ ‘The Woodcutter’ by Reginald Hill which is thoroughly enjoyable. I think it will last me for a while yet as it’s quite a long book – almost 17 hours of reading.

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2 Responses to “A walk in the glen and out with the pencils!”

  1. souldipper Says:

    We’re having a new library built – quite a production in a tiny village. The temporary quarters are so unliterary-like that I’ve let it affect my reading. You are such a good example…thanks for mentioning your reads.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I hope that you feel suitably inspired to get back into your reading once more! I hope that your new library will be loved by all in your village!

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