Raking and raiding

Today was forecast dry, so I thought that I’d tackle the vast amount of fallen leaves and pile them somewhere to rot down. Also because it was dry for a change, the hens took advantage of the pleasant foraging conditions, disappearing into the field behind. Cue a raid of the Winter Spa for Hens by every one of the ducks!

It’s been one of the most beautiful autumns since we came to The Isle of Skye and the colours have been glorious – even taking into account the limited number of deciduous trees around to provide such a display, particularly here on the north of the island. The amount of leaves on the ground is fairly unusual and I think that this is possibly due to the lack of high winds just at that crucial point when the vibrant, dying leaves were tenuously hanging on to the soon-to-be dormant branches. Consequently, rather than being unceremoniously ripped from the trees and blown briskly up – or down – the glen to settle who knows where, this year, on finally losing their grip, the colourful leaves have merely drifted towards the ground, coming to rest not far from the shedding tree.


The downside of all this autumnal finery however, is that all the leaves seem to have fallen off almost simultaneously resulting in the need for some pretty intense raking activity around the place! It’s not been a chore to tackle earlier in the week because of all the rain, so today was the day!

Patches has regained her bounce after her recent surgery, hurtling around like a grey and white dust-devil for large portions of the day until finally collapsing when it begins to go dark. Needless to say I anticipated a potential problem when combining a tornado-style kitten with piles of leaves! Thankfully, she chose today to catch up on her sleep and she didn’t make an appearance until after lunch when most of the work was complete. Also thankfully, she kept her thoughts to herself…

And finally, although this picture is completely unrelated to anything remotely autumnal, MacRae, Lucky and Chance posed so beautifully while I was on my feeding rounds, that I thought they deserved a spot on the blog!


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