All finished, but does herself approve?

The glen certainly has a bleak, damp look about it still.

So, with winter’s reduced outdoor chores, I’m happy to stay inside armed with my paint brush and my latest Playaway book, ‘The Woodcutter’ by Reginald Hill. This is certainly a more absorbing story than the last one (although that was entertaining) and has me gripped!

Wolf Hadden’s life was a fairytale – successful businessman and adored husband. but a knock on the door one morning ends it all. Universally reviled, thrown into prison, Wolf retreats int silence. Seven years later Wolf begins to talk to the prison psychiatrist and receives parole to return home. But there’s a mysterious period in Wolf’s past when he was known as the Woodcutter. Now the Woodcutter is back, looking for truth and revenge.”

Anyway, accompanied by some great story-telling, my portrait of Hamie is now complete and I have to say that I’m more pleased with this painting than anything else which I’ve done for quite some time –  and Kevin likes it too! (On the strength of  this one piece of work, he has now decided that I should take up a winter career of painting pet portraits! I guess it’s nice to have one fan at least!) However, it doesn’t matter what we think of it, does herself approve?  Well Hamie?

“Thank you for asking! It has to be said that it’s been a long time coming and I can’t believe that you succumbed to the inferior charms of those two queue-jumping felines! Of course I appreciate that you probably wished to practice with some mediocre moggies before tackling a subject with the poise and sophistication which oneself possesses in such abundance. I forgive you therefore, as on this occasion you really have saved the best until last – I think you even managed to catch one’s best side! (Although really, I would challenge you to find any of one’s sides which isn’t just purrrfect!) Just a thought, but for a small fee of let’s say, a dish of lightly poached white fish, I may be prepared to teach that Patchy wee Pest how to strike a more demure pose than her usual flat on her back with her legs in the air kind of approach. Sooo undignified.”

P.S. I’m also reading a ‘proper’ book at the moment; ‘The Things that Keep us Here’, a first novel by Carla Buckley. It’s your survival against all odds story after avian flu mutates and the ever feared pandemic takes place. An easy read but entertaining nonetheless.


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5 Responses to “All finished, but does herself approve?”

  1. Morning Bray Says:

    You have another fan over here! What beautiful work, Christine!

  2. Dorinha Says:

    Oh, she surely does. She looks lovely. Miss you all, miss my home, don’t like São Paulo.

  3. garybuie01 Says:

    Miss you too Dorinha; I think we’ll have to have a leisurely lunch to celebrate your return! At least you don’t need to miss the weather – very Novemberish!

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