Filling the silence

There was a new visitor to Garybuie’s blog the other day; Kit Munro, a farm labourer on an island in the South Pacific. This is a guy who likes to read, but long days of shearing sheep or some such, isn’t conducive to putting his feet up with a good book! So, to make all his hours of repetitive work less monotonous, he came up with the great, but simple, idea of listening to a good book instead!

 Like Kit, I think that there’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with, or taking a long bath with a proper book, but obviously a  day of normal pursuits doesn’t offer the possibility of such indulgencies. And then along comes Kit with his idea of ‘reading’ while we work!  Admittedly, hurtling around at the height of the bed and breakfast season, tending to guests’, ducks’, chickens’ and vegetables’ needs, my brain is cluttered enough without listening to a story too! But recently, while taking up my paint-brushes once more, although I’m a lover of the simple ambient sounds of life going on around me, I sometimes fancy a bit more of an accompaniment to my efforts. On the whole the radio irritates me, so I usually put some music on. I’ll maybe last for a couple of CDs then I’m back to square one. Except now there’s new potential out there!

I’m not one of those hi-tech people who are in possession of an iPod however, so how do I get to listen to a story then? There used to be story tapes when our kids were young and I know that there are CDs, but they’re impractically cumbersome. Lucky for me that I have a husband who works for part of the week in our local library, so who better to know what’s available on the audio book front; something called ‘Playaway’ apparently, a pre-loaded, digital audio book, about the size of matchbox. Perfect!

So yesterday, I hot-footed (Well, hot-carred at least) my way to the library to pick up a couple of these wee wonders, as well as several proper books too of course! So today, whilst tackling my new painting of Hamie, I had a story to listen to; ‘My Life with George’ by Judith Summers, recommended by an enthusiastic librarian. It’s about the arrival of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into the lives of a recently doubly berieved family.  Not my usual choice of book I have to say, being more of a cat person than a doggy one, but George’s antics are quite entertaining and there’s a cat in the mix too!


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