The progress of Patches

Currently, Patches is progressing in several ways; In her knowledge of current affairs…

…in art form…

…and in her convalescence after THE OP, yesterday. Poor soul. Her day started with such promise and she was, as usual, full of beans. By mid-morning however, her beans had disappeared altogether, along with certain body parts!

Along with Patches’ unpleasant event, there’s another event taking place at Garybuie this week. We’ll call it ‘The Great Rowan Tree Event’ I think!

  The accompanying pictures are rubbish, it has to be said, but this event is such a speedy, now you see them, now you don’t kind of affair, that capturing it by camera is impossible I’ve found. As the event’s title suggests, it’s taking place in the rowan tree, which as I said in an earlier blog, has been positively dripping with fruit this year. Well, it’s obviously reached its optimum ripeness and I kid you not, that tree has been filled with HUNDREDS of birds. Mainly Fieldfare, but also Starlings and Blackbirds in great numbers. The noise of their chattering is tremendous and when they all take off as one (which is what they do as soon as I appear with my camera) the sound of all those simultaneous wing beats can be likened to an explosion. Huge flocks can be seen, travelling at great speed towards the garden and if the tree is full, they land in the trees at the back of the garden (until yes, you’ve guessed it, I appear with my camera) where they wait, chattering and gossiping, like they’re waiting in a queue for THE BIG SALE!

So I know that you’ll just laugh at the  pictures, and rightly so, but I just HAD to show you something at the end of my tale!


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