What is it about holidays….

…that a week after returning home, we feel in need of another holiday? Holiday laundry, catching up with chores, catching up with neighbours and not to mention those two walls in our bedroom that I just HAD to redecorate because of staining thanks to condensation  – easier than holding our breath all night that’s for sure!

Anyway, we’re all up to date once more, everything is back to normal and I have to say that it’s good to be home. Hamie and Patches certainly seem to be relaxed now that everyone’s where they should be…

Most of the other residents at Garybuie are the same as when we left them -albeit larger in some cases – apart from one.  After only a few weeks of finding her new, permanent living companions, Jenny died while we were away. Gerlinde ‘phoned one evening to say that Jenny was unstable when walking at tea/bedtime, holding her wing out as though to support herself, and the next morning she was with us no longer. So, all our efforts of providing His Randiness, MacRae, with some extra female company have seemingly been thwarted and we’re back to just three Aylesburys.

The Muscovies are all present and correct however, the ducklings becoming more bold each day…

Yesterday, something monstrous arrived across the river; something with a single, flailing, yellow appendage, groaning and whining, accompanied by loud cracks! Yup, the tree-felling machine has finally arrived opposite Garybuie, making short work of the decades-old forest but gradually revealing the long-lost view of the hillside beyond.


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