A holiday sandwich

We’ve arrived back at Garybuie after our short holiday down south. Travelling back in the car, it occurred to me that the holiday could be likened to a sandwich; scenic travelling and stop-overs providing the top and bottom ‘bread’ layers, with a delicious filling of grandchildren, children and extended family members, mixed with a complementary salad of local walks in the countryside.

We stayed a couple of miles away from where we used to live and although the volume of traffic, people and noise is still a shock to the system, the open countryside wasn’t far away. I think that maybe I’ll allow pictures to tell most of the story – in sandwich format of course!

The bottom slice of bread consisted of our route south, staying overnight in Pitlochry, famous for its salmon ladder (marked), which allows salmon returning to spawn to bypass the hydro-electric dam. No salmon at this time of year though! This particular slice of bread turned out to be thicker than expected as Kevin took a wrong turning and we ended up travelling over the Forth Bridge to Edinburgh!

The accompanying salad…




The all important filling, consisting of the irresistably tender…

…and something with a bit more zest perhaps?

And if we could possibly digest anymore, the sandwich was completed with a final slice of bread; a stop-over at Loch Long, north of Glasgow and some terrific scenery over Rannoch moor and Glencoe…



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2 Responses to “A holiday sandwich”

  1. cecilia Says:

    What a fantastic series, as well as all the lovely babies I adored that old road and those old stones.. you have a magnificent holiday and I suppose the B&B is slowing down a bit too now, with the advent of winter.. What a handful your family is! c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I love the old stone and mechanical remnants of a bygone age too. Lancashire, where we were on holiday, was littered with mills at one time, playing a huge roll in the industrial revolution.
      As for the B and B, we’re closed until Easter now as business is too sporadic at this time of year to make it worthwhile. Also, it’s too dark and cold to feed anyone in the conservatory!

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