Season’s end

The B and B season that is – and I don’t care who turns up at the gate, they’re NOT COMING IN!!!

The weather certainly isn’t the holiday variety that’s for sure. We had or first frost last week…

… and breakfast for our  guests has been a noisy affair on occasion, with sheets of rain  being hurled horizontally at the conservatory windows.  But as the weather fluctuates between heavy showers, gale force wind, dazzling sunshine or a silent mist, there’s always a view somewhere to make me stop and stare.

The good thing about these squally conditions  I suppose, is that  I’ve  had no excuse not to get on top of a few indoor tasks! We’ve had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes in the conservatory this year and because the plants were looking particularly bedraggled, we picked the remaining fruits, putting some aside for ripening and roasting the majority to make tomato sauce. The chillies, on the other hand, haven’t done well at all. Hey ho, I don’t use an awful lot of them anyway so I just pickled the few which we did have.




I’ve also been grateful for the changeable weather as it has given me the opportunity to do a painting for our newest grandson, Patrick, who we will be travelling south to visit soon!


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