Aaaaarghh and Aaaahhh!

It turned out to be a hectic week this week, culminating in a minor domestic catastrophe on Saturday. Early in the week, we had a big surprise when my cousin and hubby arrived in their new motorhome and stayed with us for a couple of nights; lots of catching up after about seven years – thoroughly enjoyable.

Meanwhile, the Bed and Breakfast side of things is slowing down a wee bitty although we still have someone in on most nights. Getting up on Saturday however, revealed the aforementioned domestic catastrophe. No heating, no power. ‘The Big Switch’, as I call it, in the fuse box had tripped and no matter what I did, the thing wouldn’t reset. Hmmm. Minor panic started to get a foothold as the likelihood of cooking breakfast on a camping stove loomed. OK; set tables, prepare fruit and cereals, and GET KEVIN! Well, at least it wasn’t me doing something wrong with The Big Switch, as he couldn’t sort it out either. This is a house which has been added to over the years so thankfully, there are two ring mains; one for the main house and one for a later extension which house dad and the kitchen. Essentially, it was the wall sockets at fault so  we currently have extension wires running from the main house through to the kitchen and dad. Great; kettle, toaster and fridge operational, then double great, the cooker is not part of the socket system, so take that camping stove away Kevin!

Breakfast went well in the end even though things weren’t in their proper places creating potential collisions with trailing wires adding their own Health and Safety issue! Next; phone an electrician. Luckily, we have a good one in the glen but he was out working and couldn’t get to us until mid-afternoon. So, to cut the saga short here, we’ve even got the expert scratching his head. The good thing is that the central heating boiler isn’t the culprit, as I’d originally thought and he’s been able to restore its function in a temporary fashion so that at least our guests – and dad – are warm. It was the weekend, the guy has a young family so we can manage with our temporary set-up until he can return and discover which socket it the trouble-maker; a tedious job ahead I think.

After the morning’s unwanted excitement, the day settled into one of calm. It’s that time of year now when routines are established and contentment abounds. There are cattle once more in the adjoining field, so I had plenty of bovine supervision when I went to clean the duck houses…

Snowball and his hens are looking rested if a wee bit bedraggled after their busy season. Egg production has slowed as moulting kicks in and Snowball has lost his tail feathers and even his crowing is somewhat half-hearted, but I suppose he’s had a busy season too, doing what roosters do best!

Huff is one happy drake as not only is he allowed to help with the family, he’s also been allowed back to sleep with them! He’s one waggy, huffy Beastie!

Lucky and Chance have become friends with Jenny finally, so she has been invited to live with them and MacRae is just having to put up with it; Girl Power I guess!

Oh yes, Brenda’s wee chicks have also settled into their new abode after out temporary fencing ploy. Happy days!   Happy kitten…


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