The trees come down

I took a wee walk down the glen yesterday to check on the latest goings on in the
forest. The machines are back. This is the third phase of tree-felling in the
glen and as this part of the forest is opposite Garybuie’s front door, along
with the doors of our near neighbours, I thought I’d share the process over the
coming weeks.






This latest logging operation is due to last for twelve weeks. The noise is dreadful; a metal-squealing, grinding affair, grating on the nerves with its persistency, amplified by the valley bottom location. Working outside isn’t pleasant. After heated disputes with The Powers That Be during the first phase of felling about four years ago, working practices have been modified – grudgingly I suspect – in our favour. Rather than operating for 22 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, a more acceptable regime of 8a.m. to 8p.m., 6 days-a-week has been adopted.

Felling has begun on the hillside, the plan being to clear the back of the forest first, working forward towards the river.

Logging commences from back to front

Now don’t get me wrong. Although the noise is unpleasant, this forest was planted decades ago for this very purpose and believe you me, phrases such as ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ and ‘Sympathetic Planting’ were non-existent at that time. So, ugly, blocky plantations were created, man-made blots on This Green and Pleasant Land. Consequently, losing our current view of a solid, green wall of spruce, in favour of the heather clad hillside behind, has got to be worth the temporary disturbance in my book. The land is to be replanted, hopefully in a way more pleasing to the eye and far more broad leaved species are to be included which will also increase biodiversity of the forest.


Looking down the glen, east to west – Garybuie on the right

Looking up the glen, west to east, garybuie on the left

The Forest which you can see at the head of the glen is supposedly remaining intact as there are a pair of Sea Eagles inhabiting the area. We’ll see.


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