Missing friends and a potential Des. Res.


If pastry crumbs are good enough for Brenda, then the’re good enough for Patches!

Just a couple of small changes to report here at Garybuie this week after the excitement of wee Patrick’s arrival last Friday. Brenda abandoned her youngsters a couple of days ago, heading towards the main coop in the evening. Although we had recently opened up the shed and put food and water in there as encouragement, day time snacks and sheltering from heavy showers were OK, but moving in at night, as we’d hoped, was unacceptable to Brenda. Consequently, when she left the chicks, they headed straight back to the nest site in the tall plants – after much squawking for mum of course! Obviously this was not an ideal situation as eventually they would no doubt be discovered by a fox. Fortunately, as you know, the wee family have been regular visitors to the kitchen doorstep for some fast food and we’ve gradually been enticing them further onto the kitchen mat. Today the ploy worked and we were able to close the door, capture them (much the Brenda’s disapproval because she’s still spending her days with them), pop them into the cat box and transport them to the shed. Kevin erected a temporary fence so that the chicks’ movements are restricted and hopefully they’ll learn to accept the shed as their new place to sleep. A couple of days should do it but they’re definitely not happy about it!

Meanwhile, Kevin’s had a busy week ‘dispatching’ the remaining early Muscovy ducklings. Unfortunately, this means that once more Jenny’s number of friends is dwindling as MacRae still won’t have anything to do with her. But at least the new muscovy family make her feel welcome and she still has the company of Huff in his bachelor pad at night!

And of course she’s still trying to make friends with Patches…

Finally, after some pretty hefty downpours recently, water supplies in the glen are restored and there’s even a small amount of water in the drainage ditch which gives plenty of opportunity for the ducklings to hone their dabbling skills!


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