Words fail me!

It’s still August and we’re still busy with guests. We’ve also had some special guests staying for a few days; long-time friends from south of the border. It was lovely to see them, it doesn’t happen often and we enjoyed being able to share some of Skye’s special places with them. I feel that I’m suffering from late summer wilt at the moment and the thought of writing about all Garybuie-goings-on over the past week is a bit daunting I have to admit. So, as the saying goes, ” A picture’s worth a thousand words”, I’ll put it to the test with the following images – with a wee bit of help from me here and there!

Special guests


Ancient healing waters (Can’t say we tried them as we had nothing to heal!)

My oldest friend makes a new friend

Our first home-grown roast chicken of the season

Now that the muscovy ducklings seek out loftier perches….

…Jenny is searching for a new friend…

And finally…


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6 Responses to “Words fail me!”

  1. Teri Says:

    If Deane had known about those ‘healing waters’ he’d of given them a try! He was SO sore from his Ben Nevis climb (so Kevin’s races impressed him all the more!).

  2. ceciliag Says:

    I never get tired of your view, and your little waddling family is such a treat, they always make me want to get ducks, we will see.. maybe one day.. have a lovely sleep.. c

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Waddling is just fine but for some reason, muscovy ducklings have a tendancy to tip over onto their backs and like beetles, can’t get up again! We have to keep a close eye on the for the first few days as mums don’t seem to be inclined to flip them back over. We had a near death situation theother day – I’ll write about it soon.

  3. souldipper Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the photos. Sometimes this reader enjoys an opportunity to just sit back and be shown aspects of the blogger’s world. Thanks so much.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Glad you liked them. I enjoyed wandering around the place taking the shots. It was far more relaxing than having to think of all those WORDS!!!

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