Dry Skye

Dad watches and records the weather. Since the beginning of May, only 8 1/4 inches of rain have fallen in the glen. Three of those fell in May and quantities have been on a steady decline since with only 1/4 inch so far this month. All inhabitants of the glen get their water from the land in some shape or form and a few of those supplies have now failed. Fortunately, the spring which Garybuie shares with two other neighbours is a good one but for a while now, we’ve taken measures to preserve that supply. After all, the last thing we need is to be offering our guests the unique holiday experience of taking a bar of soap down to the river, or me heading down there and slapping the sheets around on rocks to add a new dimension to daily chores!

The first obvious measure has been to use less water; showers not baths; full loads only for the washing machines; no duck ponds. Fortunately, the type of ducks that we keep do not needwater for swimming. Although they enjoy such a pastime, water for preening and keeping their nostrils clear is sufficient. So, we now just have two dishes of water for ducky ablutions. Of course there’s always one who’s  determined to go for total immersion, no matter how tight the squeeze!

All the animals need fresh water to drink each day, but as far as Garybuie plant life goes, recycled water is used, known as ‘grey’ water. There are two shades of grey however; the lighter shade provided by the previous day’s drinking and bathing water and the downright murky version, made up of dish and hand-washing water.

the lighter shade of grey water

The murkier shade

Obviously the murky mix isn’t suitable for the veg, but is just fine for all other plants, indoor and outdoor. But the vegetables are happy with the lighter shade, topped up with water from our one and only water-butt while it lasts.

So PLEASE Mother Nature, can we have some rain so that we have less to think about in our already busy day!


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4 Responses to “Dry Skye”

  1. Morning Bray Says:

    Hoping that rain heads your way soon.

  2. souldipper Says:

    Imagine that wee island becoming powder dry! I read your subsequent report of receiving rain. Good. Glad you were spared beating the linens in the creek. 🙂

    I somehow missed watering a hanging plant yesterday and this morning, it announced its near demise. I couldn’t believe that one day… It’s rallying, but not with the abundance it had before.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      That first dose of rain felt great and the following day was another mainly wet one. The problem with Skye though, is that once it starts to rain, it often forgets how to stop! Hope your plant makes a full recovery – it’s a shame that plants don’t respond to some good chicken broth like your cat does!

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