A pictorial update

My trusty little camera has recently developed a life of its own. It keeps turning itself on and off when I’m not looking, which isn’t good for the battery life. Consequently, I have to unfasten the battery compartment which means that during my Garybuie walkabouts, the batteries tend to fall out into my pocket, everything rattling around together; camera, bits of string, plant labels, plant ties, the odd seed packet…Hardly ideal conditions for any spontaneous snapshots. And some of the outdoor shots seem to be over exposed. Hmmm. So, as I write a replacement is hopefully winging its way to Skye, ready to take over  as my essential blogging companion – once I’ve digested the no doubt copious instructions of course! So, as I eagerly await its arrival, here’s a wee pictorial update on the midsummer’s goings-on at Garybuie.

Patches is making new friends…

Of course she still hasn’t managed to charm Hamie as yet!

All our other beasties are doing well and we’re at maximum capacity for this season, feeding time being a chaotic affair!

The place has a settled sort of atmosphere, everyone contented in their own daily routine. Happy with themselves and their companions.

Brenda and her hidden chicks

The Nest Thief’s chicks (12 weeks)

The Tree Dweller’s twosom are happy too, even though mum abandoned them at 3 weeks old!. Luckily, they’ve stayed in the Accommodation for Young Mothers, so they are safe an warm at night.

Biggles is still sitting tight on her nest and a couple of days ago, Puff decided to sit too. Realising that she’ll no doubt abduct Biggles’ brood when they arrive, we’ve been removing her eggs every day so she’s actually incubating two china eggs and possibly just two of her own! At least a whole clutch won’t go to waste this time around!

Jenny is still enjoying her status of Honorary Muscovy, although the females now have the power of flight and no amount of vigorous wing-flapping on her part is going to raise that huge backside off the ground!

Hey, look aunt Puff – we can join you on the roof now!

   It’s not just the animals who are happy though; our vegetables are doing well in most cases although their maintenance in this continuing dry weather is a challenge. More about that in my next blog! (Bet you can’t wait!!!)


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4 Responses to “A pictorial update”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Patches is soooo cute.

  2. ceciliag Says:

    Though over exposed that was a great look about the yard, I loved the feeding time shot! Sometimes we just have to bit the bullet and get a new camera, i am trying not to due to the expense but I am not sure how long i can hold out!!! c

  3. garybuie01 Says:

    My new camera arrived the other day so I’m still finding my way around it . So far I’ve been pleased with the results so far. Yours is more of an all singing, all dancing kind of camera and I know that can involve cosiderable expense.

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