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Apparently, the latest fashion in crime is to steal copper cabelling and cash it in.  Well, a couple of days ago, the Highlands became the target for such plundering although during the process, the would-be copper crooks managed to sever a major fibre-optic cable. No internet in the northwest of Scotland then. I think that’s my best excuse so far for not attending to my blogging duties!

So, a bit of a catch-up. The past few days seem to have been dominated by birds; domestic and wild. Earlier in the week, I could hear an almighty commotion outside. It began with a particularly loud bird call – one which I didn’t recognise – and seemed to encourage the cock, hens and ducks to join in! On investigation, I discovered our extremely vociferous visitor perched on the very top of one of our conifers…

I didn’t recognise the bird either so went to grab the binoculars to investigate further! It would seem that the call was probably one of warning/agitation as there was a second bird, making just as much noise, waging an aeronautical battle with a couple of hooded crows. Presumably the distraught birds had a nest nearby. Checking in my trusty bird book, I’m fairly sure that they were Greenshanks, although because of the lighting, or long grass when they came to land, I couldn’t determine what colour their legs were! All other identifying features though, particularly the slightly up-turned bill, indicated that they were most likely Greenshanks, a bird I’ve never seen – or heard -before.

On the domestic front, the Aylesbury ducklings found their way into the main garden and for a while, all was peaceful between them and the muscovy ducklings.

Then came tea time. The Muscovies moved in on the Aylesburys’ treat…

…but the Aylesburys simply sidled over and stole the food from the Nest Thief and her chicks (you can just see her bottom disappearing around the side of the coop!)

Still with ducks, Lucky and Chance are still sharing a nest…

But I guess the highlight of the week was the arrival of our last batch of chicks of the season from the incubator. Only six though, which isn’t particularly great. This year certainly hasn’t been among our best for hatching chicks. The reason is a mystery. Anyway, it was lovely to be able to introduce our latest wee brood to our Australian guests, Ross and Kate.

Finally, look what Kevin found…

Guess whose nest it is – Brenda’s! A couple of her girlfriends are joining in too but we’re keeping the number of eggs down to six. I suspect that Broody Brenda will do what her name suggests, especially after her earlier upsets, but if she doesn’t, we don’t want to let the eggs accumulate and be wasted. I have breakfast guests to feed after all!


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